Lepo is Finnish for rest and repose.

The culture of chasing deadline after deadline at a breackneck speed is unsustainable. Value the health of yourself and others over the goals of your projects. Avoid burnout, and allow yourself to have a break. Relax.

This site is a space for sharing and collaborating on ideas, tools, and knowledge to help software developers of all skill levels. Check out the code page for the projects maintained under Lepo.

About the author

I’m Jaakko Pallari, a Finnish software developer focused on making software service development and maintenance smooth and reliable. I work as the Chief Technology Officer at Polar Squad. I’m interested in all things related to Site Reliability Engineering, DevOps, and Functional Programming.

To contact me, send me an email to jkpl ät lepovirta döt org. You can find more ways to contact me from Keybase.


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