There are a few projects maintained under the Lepo umbrella. Some of them are to solve niche practical problems, some are just to experiment on things, but all of them are free and open source. None of the projects have any schedules, and they will be worked on whenever anyone feels like working on them.


Yet Another Hints Extension (YAHE) is a browser extension that allows you to click elements without using your mouse.


Static website testing through crawling. Point Lukki to a website and it’ll find broken pages for you. It’s used for testing this website for broken links.


Keruu aggregates RSS/Atom feeds to a single HTML page.


Kuvia is an image gallery generator for static web sites. Give it a list of image files, and you’ve got an image gallery that can be hosted in any web host.


A website for generating word search puzzles. Give it a list of words, and it will generate a board with the words mixed in with random letters.


Static website generator for this site.

More projects

For more projects, check out these pages: